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That 70's Show 176 (S7 E23)

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Summary: Donna schemes to change Eric's mind about his trip to Africa by trying to make him jealous, while Jackie tells Hyde she'll turn down a TV job in Chicago if he says they have a future together. The son of Red's Navy buddy Charlie comes for the weekend and the gang is instantly put off by his lack of life experience. Distraught about their lady problems, Eric and Hyde are thrilled to discover Charlie's father owns a local beer warehouse. After a night of debauchery, a tipsy Eric goes to work things out with Donna, but Hyde may be too late for Jackie.

Review: Oh wow, where to start. The drunken!Hyde scenes were A+, as was the Sandy Sandals pot-smoking circle scene with Jackie and Donna. In general, an adorable episode, and the first really good meaty one in awhile. I still think Jackie freaked out a little too much and acted way too soon, though. That kinda let us in on her insecurity, which let us more into her character - which was a little required, I think. But still. Poor Hyde. :(


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