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That 70's Show 177-178 (S7 E24, 25)

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Summary: Charlie accidentally sees Kitty naked, while Red finally catches onto the "smoking" in the basement. Eric needs to get vaccinated for his trip to Africa and Red discovers what's been going on in the basement all these years!

Review: This is a very hard review to write - I'm quite attached to the show and its characters, and I feel like I've grown up with them over these seven years. The show debuted when I was 14, and now seven years later six months away from my 21st birthday, I can see how much has changed within myself AND these characters.

Anyway, self-reflection aside, I have VERY mixed feelings about the last three episodes of this season. It's good Eric is getting out in the world for himself, but really. To Africa? And as for Jackie and Hyde - I'm still debating both within my own mind and those fans at's boards what the hell really went on between Kelso and Jackie when Hyde walked in in Chicago. I'm of the impression that maybe they didn't have sex, and of course the audience would misconstrue what Hyde walked in on. It was still kind of messed up for Jackie to launch that ultimatium on Hyde out of the blue, but I can understand where she's coming from: fear for her future, fear for their future together as a couple, and fear for her own insecurity of what might happen if they continue the relationship while she's in Chicago and he's in Point Place. It's a whole lot to think about and it's good we get the summer off to digest it all, and revisit multiple times. Ultimately, though, we'll have to wait until the 8th season premiere to see what "really happened".

All in all, bittersweet episodes, and definitely cornerstones to understanding what goes on from here.


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