the usagi incidents


Tsubasa 4

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Summary: Sakura wakes up, plays with Arashi's clothes, and goes out - causing panic between the boys. The Punk Gang lures Sakura to the Okonomiyaki place and later their lair, only to realize that the lives they're leading are bad, and leading Sakura there was bad. They hand over their turf to Shougo, who is kind and takes Sakura to the highest places on his Kudan. She flies down, saying she must search for her feathers, and is finally found by the boys.

Review: Kind of a filler episode that's not in the manga, but that's okay. I felt my heart warm genuinely when the punk guys were realizing things about themselves. Bee Train is doing a fine job with what they have, and I'm totally pleased. I didn't quite get the Sakura flying part, though.


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