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Tsubasa 6

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Summary: Shougo and Syaoran finally fight - only to be interrupted by Masayoshi's HUGE berserk kudan! Sakura's feather has made Masayoshi's kudan go nuts, so Syaoran must get it back! Also, Sakura finally wakes up, and asks Syaoran, "who are you?"

Review: The music was absolutely fantastic this episode - however it feels like production values as a whole took a HUGE dive. I'm so glad they're finally done with the Hanshin arc. ~__~ Not to mention the scene where Syaoran is reaching for the feather is WAY too long and overdramatic. Overall, good episode but could have been better. Kajura Yuki is doing a damn good job, and in my book she's now #2 to Kanno Youko for soundtracks.


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