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Tsubasa 7

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Summary: The gang arrive in Koryoukoku, a country that looks a lot like medieval Korea, where they meet a girl named Chun Hyang and evil overlords that are quite cruel to the villagers. Syaoran moves to stand against them, but Chun Hyang's the one who suffers...

Review: It looks like they're starting to speed things up - as next episode they'll be leaving Koryou soon. However - one HUGE change from the manga here which I'm not happy with - they made the Kudan leave and stay primarily in Hanshinkoku. Which kind of nullfies the entire fight with the Ryoushi's son in this episode since everyone's supposed to be retaining their Kudan. #$()%#@(% Bee Train/CLAMP better explain themselves. Also, production values in terms of animation definitely dipped this episode. Come on guys. We don't pay you to sit on your asses and make shitty animation.


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