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Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 1

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Summary: Sakura and Syaoran live in a country named Clow. She is a princess and he is a commoner, but he is her "most important person" and vice-versa. One night, after being summoned to a dig site by a mysterious power, Sakura loses her memories in the form of wings, with feathers scattering to hundreds of different worlds. Now Syaoran, along with troubled Kurogane from Japan and Fai from Celes, must travel to the Time Witch all to solve their problems. The Time Witch (crossover with XXXHolic) demands a price from each: from Kurogane, his ninja sword, from Fai, his wizard's tattoo, and from Syaoran, the memories of his relationship with Sakura. Together with a mysterious and cute little guy named Mokona, they go to the first country, Hanshinkoku, thus embarking on a journey none of them will ever forget.

Review: I was skeptical when I first started reading this from the beginning of its publication in 2003, but by the second chapter I was totally hooked. CLAMP has managed to fuse ALL of the series they have done so far into one work seamlessly and stylishly. I was blown away at how easily they incorporated everything leaving no compromises with their past works whatsoever. Excellent series, one can be read again and again.

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Volume 12: 80 81 82 83-88

Tsubasa Chronicle (anime)
XXXHolic (crossover)


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