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Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 3

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Summary: The gang bids a tearful farewell to Hanshinkoku, and goes on to the next world, Kouryou - a world much like ancient Korea. They are met and defended by a young girl, Chun Hyang (The Legend of Chun Hyang) who inform them that the government, the Ryanban, killed her mother and have been generally dickfaces to the rest of the people. She wishes the amenosa, or magicians/secret government oversight committee, to exact justice, and she percieves the Tsubasa gang as such. Mokona detects one of Sakura's feathers, eventually snowballing on a full assault on the Ryanban's castle and their guard, the Kiishimu (various characters from Rayearth).

Review: This is much more like it. Better pace, better storytelling. You really don't need to spend a book and a half in one place. Also, nice integration of the various demon characters from Rayearth - they really fit here.


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