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Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 4

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Summary: The Amenosa (The three Clamp Gakuen Tanteidan) arrive, passing judgement on the corrupt Ryanban, and also returning Sakura her feather. The group go on to the next world - The Country of Mist. There is nothing but mist here, turning out to be an underwater city in a huge ocean, weather provided by your local friendly giant man-eating fish. After finding another feather, they move on to Spiritkoku, a place that looks like 18th century New England, and where children are continually going missing in the dead of night, supposedly to the arms of the ghost of a beautiful Princess (Rayearth) who died two hundred years ago in tragic circumstances...

Review: This is one of my favourite volumes, if just for the absolutely AWESOME costume designs for the clothing of Spiritkoku. You also get to see Sakura here more in action and interacting with the dead Princess of Spirit. I wish I could dress like that!


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