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Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 5

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Summary: Still in Spiritkoku, the gang sets out to find where Sakura's feather's hidden - and Sakura's abducted by Dr. Hyde! Sakura speaks with the ghost of the Princess, finding out that the doctor has been abducting the children all along, and making them work as slave labor in the Princess' ruined castle to get to the power of Sakura's feather. Uncovering him for what he is, getting Sakura's feather back, and putting the Princess' troubled spirit to rest, they set off for the next country - Outokoku, a country whose sakura trees are always in full bloom but have a dark secret...

Review: Another extended storyline, but this one was actually better than some of the other drawn-out ones of before. You get to see much much more of Sakura's character developed, whereas in the other long subplots she was ignored or barely paid any attention. Now things are finally fair. Hats off to you, CLAMP!


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