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Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 6

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Summary: In Outokoku, in order to set up a decoy as to their true motives, the group open a shop - The Cat's Eye Cafe. Kurogane and Syaoran are now demon hunters, believing that's where Sakura's feather lies. On opening night of their cafe, Fai and Sakura meet Yuzuriha (X), her dog Inuki (X), and her demon-hunting partner Kusanagi (X). They become fast friends, and Yuzuriha give them tips about how to go about demon hunting. The creepy people in black overseeing everything from another world (aka Yuuko's rivals), bitch about how Yuuko's interfering with their evil plans to get Sakura's feathers for their own. The Doggie Duo (Syaoran and Kurogane) end up going to a bar, Clover, where they meat Oriha (Clover) for information. We also meet Souma (Rg Veda) and Erii (Rg Veda) who become friends with the gang after fighting Syaoran and losing. And Syaoran sees someone from Clow, someone he loved, in this new and frighting world...

Review: Great way to intro Seichiro (X) guys! This volume was pretty hard to keep up with - if only because they introduced SO many crossover characters and the storyline's pace was pretty fast. It was still pretty thrilling to read. The series just seems to get better and better with each volume.


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