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Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 7

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Summary: Still in Outokoku, The Doggie Duo recieve some information regarding the appearance of Clow's Seichiiro (X) in this world. They go to Dwarf Tower, ending up in a horrible battle to the death (and then, of course, Seiichiro flees!) for information of why Seichiiro is there, and why he has Sakura's feather, and why he won't give it up! Sakura and Fai, the Kitty Duo, end up finding Hibiya Chitose (Chobits/Angelic Layer), the landlady who gave them the property for the Cat's Eye Cafe. She admits that Outokoku is nothing but a fantasy world concocted by her and her husband (Angelic Layer/Chobits) as a game, and then as a replacement for the loss of her daughters (Chobits). Everyone, including Seiichiro is now transported to the "real" Outokoku, now known as Edoniskoku where life is set in an eternal amusement park. But things are getting out of control, the battle gets worse, and Oriha (Clover) reveals herself to be a demon - and on Seiichiro's side! Seiichiro flees - can the group find Sakura's feather while chasing him to the next world?

Review: Seems to me like this volume was a bit of a social commentary on Japanese life - or rather, all life at this moment now that we've gone totally digital and we've started to ignore everything but our computers. CLAMP's subtle hintings of all of that, woven into the storyline so deftly, surprised me. The CLAMP girls never cease to amaze me. Thanks guys!


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