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Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 8

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Summary: After finally leaving Outokoku and its mirror country Edoniskoku, the group arrives in The Country of Idols where happy bunny things confirm that somewhere in the country, a mysterious force (aka Sakura's feather) is wreaking havoc in their forests. Sakura excercises the Tornado (lit. from tatsumaki), recieving another feather back into her memories. The group then arrive, seperated - Sakura and Syoran in Sharanokoku and Fai and Kurogane in the rival country, Shuranokoku, two countries in an eternal traditional Japanese carnival/festival atmosphere. Fai gets a shock when he sees Shuranokoku's god - it's Ashura, in a duplicate guise, the god he sealed in the sea of ice before he fled his home country to the Time Witch. The countries seem divided by sex, and their rival gods do damage upon each other and their inhabitants by huge earthquakes - but what's causing the rivalry in the first place?

Review: Good volume. I could have done without The Country of Idols subplot, but otherwise, it's all good. Karen is finally introduced in Sharanokoku, which is pretty cool as they give her a role as a carnival performer. CLAMP handled that transition REALLY well, and I can't wait to read volume 9 to see what's going on between the two countries and why they hate each other so much (or rather, why their gods hate each other so much). But what happened to the plot with Seichirou stealing Sakura's feather?


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