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XXXHolic 2

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Summary: Kimihiro Watanuki thought he had signed up with a bunch of weirdoes, and he was right! He became the unfortunate indentured servant of a woman known as Yuuko Ichihara, who was widely rumored to be the time-space witch. Now his voyage through the worlds of the occult are off and running, as he and Yuuko go visiting fortune tellers and horoscope readers. But can the future really be told? Meanwhile, the romance is heating up between Kimihiro and cute Himawari-chan. Then fate throws Kimihiro’s old rival back into his life. Now Yuuko invites all three to a temple to tell scary stories throughout the night. Is it just for fun or is there some deeper reason?

Review: It seems like Yuuko has reason to pick everyone she does to help work in her shop. This being said, I wonder what the deal is with Himawari - besides the fact that Watanuki likes her? I guess we'll find out.


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