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Allegro Agitato

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Summary: Shouko is still a virgin, and hasn't met a man yet who lives up to her standards. Her friends look up to her -- and would in truth like to give her more than just their respect -- but the only one Shouko looks up to is her famous actress mother, for whom no man is good enough to dedicate herself to. That's when Shouko meets the rumor and reality of her mother's new boyfriend, Ujou. Ujou is different from the others -- an aloof college student 17 years younger than Shouko's mother. The passion that Shouko sees between them becomes what Shouko desires for herself, but while forbidden fruit may be sweeter... it is also more deadly.

Review: Reviewing both volumes in one shot again. Wow, this story was a mindfuck. Why all of a sudden was I reminded of Matsuda Seiko and her daughter, SAYAKA? Jeez. >_< What is it with mother-daughter star relationships where they just get all fucked up over little things like that? IMO, the end sidestory didn't really belong in the series as it had nothing to do with it. And it was kinda shitty. But Allegro Agitato was quite good. If you like betrayal and familial issues, go for this series.

Final Review: A-


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