the usagi incidents



Since I'm leaving the T1 line on Thursday, will be on dialup until I go to Japan for the year on July 3rd, and don't quite know what my internet connection will be like there for the duration of July-August, I've had to put precious anime on hold due to shitty connections.

But! I went on a manga gathering spree, and I also have to catch up on eps of Hachikuro, so you'll not be seeing any lack of posting - just more manga posts. If anything, I need to read more in Japanese so I have a good amount of raws to work my way through.

What's on tap for new manga:
Love Monster
Count Cain arc 1
Angel Sanctuary
Tokyo Red Hood
Diamond Head
Maison des Beauties
Love Celeb
First Girl
and tons more!

What's been dropped for anime due to shitty internet:
Gokujou Seitokai

What will be dropped due to shitty internet after I catch up with it:

and so forth. But yeah, you'll be seeing more reading from me. As it should be, am i rite? ;)


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