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Bii-men Kizoku 1

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Summary: Merumo has come to the human world from the Magic Village, and is an extremely pure hearted witch by nature. Her mission is to find a "Bii Men" ("Bee-autiful Face") gentleman... and make a baby with him!? Flying through the air on spinning wings, Merumo searches a school in the center of Megalopolis and causes an uproar. Amongst the gathered crowd, however, are four Bii Men! And so begins Merumo's life as a student...!!

Review: She's. So. Dumb. XD I usually hate ditzy girls, too. Merumo rocks. I hope she makes a baby with Kirari - I mean, he did promise if she learned more. :DD Too bad the translations or even raws (that I could find) are out for the second volume yet - so I have to wait. ;/ Can you tell? Tonight was Kayono-fest 2005! :D


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