the usagi incidents


Fairy Cube 1

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Summary: Ian was born from a mother he swore was a fairy with a mark of butterfly wings on his back, and has lived with a spirit double named Tokage for as long as he could remember. But telling others has just fuelled his father's obsession over his mother's "flying away" from the family, and has punished him brutally ever since - earning him the nickname "Liar Ian". When he meets his childhood friend Rin once more, all of the memories come back, as well as the accelleration of cases known as the "Fairy Murders"...

Review: Not since God Child have I been so addicted to a Kaori Yuki story! WOW. I wish more scans were available (1 and 2 have been put up by, but apparently we're up to chapter 5 now), so I'll just bide my time until either more are available or until the first tankoubon comes out. Regardless, I love stories with fairies and I'm totally hooked.

Volume 1: 2 3 4 5


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