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Fairy Cube 2

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Summary: Ian has been murdered by his father? But as he floats in the underworld - he sees Tokage taking over his body - and no one notices the sign of the Tokage on his face! Tokage finally takes his revenge on Ian since they have been together, even before birth into this world. The truth behind the "Fairy Murders" is revealed, and Tokage beats the shit out of Ian's father for trying to kill him. He manages to float to Kaito's antique shop, where he offers to help Ian get his revenge against the Changeling Tokage, while the doll that's always been in the shop comes to life as the gorgeous fairy Ainsel...

Review: @__@ Why is Tokage so fucked up? He could have taken over someone else's body. But obviously he hates Ian so much that he did it. But still. ;__; Poor Ian. And stupid Rin - she doesn't even notice the difference. -__-;


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