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GaGaaLing - Royal Punx

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Ohohohohoho. Have I been waiting for this album for a long time. I even helped chip in to buy it for Wapi's music distro. It certainly was not money wasted.

Maiming's voice is very passionate, even if the background sounds normal these days for girl rock - which makes it all better. She makes it all shine, singing in both English and Japanese and coherently yet admittedly with a very thick accent and sometimes misusage of particles. Not that that really affects the meaning and influence of the lyrics - you just get kind of confused occasionally.

All of the tracks flow together very well - as if they were just playing one show all the way through without breaks. It's almost like listening to a story, now that I think of it. There's no track whose placement would make you go WTF? WHY WAS THIS PUT HERE, and it just makes for a very easy listening experience without having to worry about shocks to the eardrums after soft/loud songs constantly switching on each other.

Kera, your models have more than just modeling talent. Two models now from you guys, Megu (from Zwei) and now Maiming are in fantastic bands that have a nice indies following.

If you're looking for some new good indies bands to try, go ahead and give GaGaaLing a try.


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