the usagi incidents


Girl, Interrupted

Summary: When reality got "too dense" for 18-year-old Susanna Kaysen, she was hospitalized. It was 1967, and reality was too dense for many people. But few who are labeled mad and locked up for refusing to stick to an agreed-upon reality possess Kaysen's lucidity in sorting out a maelstrom of contrary perceptions. Her observations about hospital life are deftly rendered; often darkly funny. Her clarity about the complex province of brain and mind, of neuro-chemical activity and something more, make this book of brief essays an exquisite challenge to conventional thinking about what is normal and what is deviant.

Review: Each time I read this book, I see more and more of myself in Susanna. Not necessarily a bad thing, but she has some VERY good points on mental illness and depression. Whenever I feel like my reality gets too dense, I always read this book. Truly one of my favourite books ever.


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