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God Child 1

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Summary: Cain C. Hargreaves is the son of a wealthy count. He’s good looking, rich, and has pretty much everything a guy could want, but there’s actually many secrets surrounding him. Supposedly there’s a family curse on him, he collection poisons, and well, he gets involved in a lot of odd mysteries. This story is set in 19th Century England, and is “Season 2” of Kaori Yuki’s Count Cain series. Mystery surrounds the young Count Cain C. Hargreaves, a known procurator of poisons famous in his home of Victorian England, it is said he brings a curse on all those around him. Bloody intrigue follows where ever he goes, the whip marks on his back burning with each sinful act by the secret society his supposedly dead father has gathered. Cain strikes back this time, acting against the destiny engraved onto his gold eyes, evidence of his father and mother's incestuous ways.

Review: WHOA. This is an excellent set of stories. I'm a sucker for things like 19th century England and Alice and Wonderland, and Gothic Lolita and stuff so this fit me perfectly. I was a bit bored by earlier volumes of Count Cain, but damn. God Child is great. I can't wait to read the rest now.

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