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Gokinjo Monogatari 7

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Summary: Ruriko's three months pregnant, and gets back together with Papa! Mikako decides to go to London. Tsutomu jealously warns Seiji to leave Mikako alone in London, with Seiji telling him he don't like girls. Akindo have their last flea market, and the story fast-forwards to six months later, Mikako is sketching baby clothes in London, while Body-ko breaks up again with Shuu-chan because she can't forget Yuusuke, and Tsutomu begs Papa to take him with him when he goes to London for work...

Review: Excellent ending. I love how Yazawa just hinted at Mikako's pregnancy, though said outright that Ruriko was - who will later be Miwako, one of the main kids in Paradise Kiss. Must have wigged Mikako out that she was going to have a sister 18 years younger than her. o_o It just seemed so well done. Paradise Kiss is the sequel, though very quietly incorporates the characters and scenery from Gokinjo without interfering with the Paradise Kiss gang's own personal stories. I would like to see a third version done, if not to continue the Mikako family story. But since Nana is Yazawa's main project now, I don't see anything like that in the near future. One can hope.

This story made me rethink relationships in regards to others (whereas Evangelion made me rethink relationships in terms of myself and my own internal workings - more on that later). It makes me wonder now if I can finally go and retry my hand at more intimate relationships...

Final Rating: A


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