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Loveless 2

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Summary: Breathless announce that because they failed they're being shipped back off to the Nanatsu no Tsuki training school to Ritsuka. Soubi bullies Shinonome-sensei for the first time, Ritsuka gets abused more. They fight Sleepless - the new couple to come out of Nanatsu no Tsuki - the prize of the battle being a letter containing a mysterious code of letters and numbers containing the truth about Seimei. Sleepless loses. Ritsuka angsts. A lot. Later, Ritsuka still orders Soubi to tell the truth and is refused, while Sleepless lies in the fields where they lost until a mysterious couple come to them and Zero arrives, replacing them. Later, Soubi begins his battle with Zero...

Review: The manga is MUCH more explicit when it comes to Ritsuka and Soubi's more sexual side of their relationship. Not that they've done anything but some of the scenes are pretty graphic (Ritsuka lapping at Soubi's blood during battle, for example). I can understand why that part can't be shown on TV, but it's nice to see that the real Soubi/Ritsuka relationship isn't so vanilla as the anime makes it seem.


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