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Loveless 3

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Summary: Soubi fights Zero pair Natsuo and Youji, only winning after a severe asskicking from the two who can't feel pain. Ritsuka is pissed off by Soubi's silence about what happened, ordering him to tell him everything in the future. We learn more about Soubi's "training" with Ritsu-sensei, and Yayoi helps Ritsuka break the mysterious code on the memo from the battle with Sleepless...leading to an online game? More about Seimei and Soubi's relationship are revealed, entagled with the online game named Wisdom Ressurection...We also meet Nagisa-sensei and the second Zero pair: Yamato and Kouya.

Review: Huh. Well, we know more about Nanatsu no Tsuki now, but still no reason on why Seimei was killed. If it's called Nanatsu no Tsuki, and only 6 Maybe founding members, minus one person? Could that person be Seimei? Funny how they left out the whole game part out of the anime between beating Youji and Natsuo and then battling Yamato and Kouya. Otherwise, it's pretty surprising how faithful to the manga the anime has stayed.


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