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Loveless 5

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Summary: After much beating around the bush, it turns out that Nanatsu no Tsuki, from the prime members themselves, did not kill Seimei. Or so they say. Apparently, Seimei is alive! A man with long dark hair comes to consult Fearless, a new pair, to "punish" Soubi, while Ritsuka comes home and gets graphically abused by his mother. After a phone call from "Seimei", Ritsuka and Soubi fight Fearless and win easily - all a cover for the Long Dark-Haired Man coming to the Aoyagi home calling himself "Seimei" and killing Ritsuka's mother after she refuses to kill Ritsuka for him...

Review: Next to volume four, my favourite book in the series. There didn't need to be nearly as much beating around the bush as there was about this, and Soubi didn't say a word. Which means, Soubi knows that Seimei was angry. Or something. All I can say is, I had to put down the manga for about an hour after I finished it to let things process. Jesus, what a mindfuck this volume was. I'm all caught up now and waiting for more chapters to finish the Sacrifice Arc (I have the first few of the next arc, the Birth Arc), or volume 6 to come out - whichever comes first). Needless to say, this "Seimei" had very long hair and no ears. o_o But it did look like him @__@ So...what? I'm confused but dying for more.


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    Hey there,

    After I read your summary, I wonder that have you read Loveless volume 6 yet? Do you have it? I can't wait for the next one to come. ^^


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