the usagi incidents


Loveless 8

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Summary: After getting his ass kicked by Zero, Soubi helps them out and lets them live with him since they failed to "punish" him for Nagisa-sensei. Ritsuka once again throws another tantrum about Soubi's trust levels with him. A new Zero couple comes: the lesbian pair Yamato and Kouya. Soubi again fights alone, his injuries still not healed, and loses with broken bones and, upon seeing Ritsuka, a broken heart.

Review: Goddamn. It's nice to see this show is diverse to all types of gay. And also something interesting - the Yamato and Kouya had less weaknesses and were way stronger than Natsuo and Youji. Girls stronger than guys? Biological imperative? Interesting questions and subtexts raised here. Four episodes left, and then we're done.


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