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Loveless 9

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Summary: We finally meet Nagisa-sensei, creator of the Zero series. We also find out more about Zero couple Yamato and Kouya, and their deep relationship. Youji and Natsuo, also Zero, tell Ritsuka more about how Fighters work, until they hear the noise of a fighter expanding their system - the other Zero has arrived and takes down Natsuo and Youji in a single spell! And now they're asking Loveless for a rematch?

Review: Three more episodes to go and I can't WAIT to see the ending. Since the manga's not done yet, I wonder if there'll be a second season like there was with marimite. Anyway, it really pleased me to show how deeply into detail they went into Kouya and Yamato's relationship, bringing a nice round equality to both sides of gay. And the girls won again! What could this mean? I also really like how Nagisa-sensei kept both Zero teams' existances from each other, each thinking they were a unique and special snowflake.


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