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Loveless OST

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Kajira Yuki is known for work on anime shows, and many consider her fair game when contrasting her to Kanno Yoko, the goddess of soundtrack scores for everything (not just anime) as masters of soundtrack in the Japanese music world.

The soundtrack for LOVELESS finally, in my opinion, qualifies her as such.

This is truly an amazing work. There were only two or three tracks out of 17 that I did not like, or had a hard time listening. All of the music was completely perfect for the series, and now I find myself rereading the manga and listening to the soundtrack at the same time, marvelling at how well it all ties in.

Kajira Yuki, you did LOVELESS proud. A gold star for you.

Loveless (anime)
Loveless (anime)
Loveless: Manga Drama CD (drama audio)
Loveless: Anime Drama CD (drama audio)


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