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Maria-sama ga Miteru Drama CD 5: Rosa Canina

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Summary: The Anime cast reads the first half from the original novel, Rosa Canina, on this album. It is time for the annual election in Lillian to choose yamayurikai for next year. Other than the three Rosa en boutons, there is a suprise candidate for this year election; Rosa Canina, a talented singer in Lillian Jougakuen.

Review: It's nice they only really focused on the first half of the novel: the Rosa Canina plotline, instead of bringing in the new year's stuff with Sachiko's family. (That kind of felt like omake anyway). The cast performed spectacularly, and it was if they were talking all right in front of me. And it's interesting how they were all focusing on Shimako, as she (at this point), does not have a petit soeur and is set to be the next Rose Gigantea. Thus the interaction with Rosa Canina comes in. That's nice how they linked everything up.


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