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Maria-sama ga Miteru manga Vol. 1

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Summary: This is the manga adapation of the first novel. Lillian Girl's Academy: where pure and cultured young ladies gather. To pass on the school's noble ways, the "sœur" system was established. Young ladies give their rosaries and become sisters. It it a solemn vow that the elder sempai will guide the younger kouhai. Coming into Lillian Academy is Yumi. She doesn't have a sœur yet. But then suddenly Rosa Chinensis en Bouton, the admired second-year student Sachiko, proclaims Yumi to be her petite sœur!?

Review: I LOVE the artist they chose for the manga - it's got a very Lillian feel to it. It's elegant and simple, but expresses so much. Good adaptation. If only all adaptations were like this!

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