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Merupuri -the Marchen Prince- 2

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Summary: After the spell on Aram is lifted unsuccessfully, Aram has no choice but to stay with Airi. At school, Aram becomes increasingly jealous of Nakaoji and Airi’s closeness and challenges Nakaoji. Meanwhile, Airi recites Aram’s full name while thinking of him in front of the mirror and gets transported to Astale. But much to Airi’s dismay, the citizens of Astale give her the cold shoulder after becoming privy to her heritage. What Airi doesn’t know is how far Aram would go to save her from the misfortune of her bloodline. Later on, Airi’s school goes on a seaside field trip, and Nakaoji becomes antagonistic towards Aram. Airi whisks Aram away to a closet after a blackout occurs, but it doesn’t take long before someone pulls the closet doors open…

Review: :DKFJsdlfjsdf Jaile as sensei? Razu as a student? Aram as a student? Rei as a senior and then to health rep? How did that happen!? WHAT. ~___~ Poor Airi. But that's cool they sealed the marriage contract. That made me all fuzzy inside.


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