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Merupuri -the Marchen Prince- 3

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Summary: The gang go on a trip to the beach - where Razu reveals his true intentions! To revenge his family's shame from Airi's great great great grandmother, he will kill her! Oh noz! Also, Aram's legitimate fiancee, Mariabelle, comes to this world to get her revenge on Airi too - by giving him a gift that makes Airi unrecognizable to him!

Review: This is the start of the second arc for the final two volumes of the story. It was painful to read. Finally when Airi gives into her feelings for Aram, things get shitty. :/ And in the special, we get to see how all of this crazy family fighting with Jaile and Aram began - and how Jaile fell in love with Rei before knowing he was a boy! I need to get the fourth volume!!


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