the usagi incidents


Nana 8

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Summary: The most dramatic and messed up volume in the whole series. Trapnest goes on as usual with their recording of their new album. The members of Blast signed the contract and are now waiting for a record company to bring them to fame. They continue with their usual day work night jam routine. Oosaki still continues her relationship with Ren, except that there is a Paparazzi on Trapnest's tails. Reira still pays Shinichi to visit her. Naoki meets up with Yasu, finally. This is the biggest shock. Komatsu Nana a.k.a Hachi is pregnant. She wants to abort the child, but knowing that there is a life in her, she couldn't bear. Confused and alone, she slips into depression. Takumi appears at her doorstep and found out her secret. Nana is almost certain that the child belongs to Takumi. Takumi calls Nobu and tells him Nana's secret, and said he was willing to father the child. Nana is heart-broken, Nobu is devasted and Takumi is acting all nice and sweet. Takumi is also willing to marry Nana. And Nana agreed?!

Review: Oh sweet mother of christ. Well, what was she to expect with all that screwing around she did? #(*$&)@*&$@P($*&@#% Will she abort? Won't she? Dammit now I need to read the next volume.


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