the usagi incidents


Neji -screw-

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Summary: (from Neji and his fiancé, Snow White, were killed after getting caught up in an unfortunate kidnapping situation. After being cryogenically frozen by the GERA, the ESP research facility, for 40 years, Neji wakes up. It doesn’t take long for the GERA to discover Neji’s extremely powerful and unnatural powers and to make him into one of their mercenaries. However, Neji finds out his fiancé will be used as a guinea pig for the research facility's medical research...

Review: Kaori Yuki just loves having angsty boys as protagonists, doesn't she? Setsuna from Angel Sanctuary, Cain from Count Cain, etc. This kept my interest, though I can't say it's her best work. It was good for a one-volume story. It was just long enough - had it gone on any longer I think the whole story would have been fucked up. >_<

Final Review: B


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