the usagi incidents


Passion 1 (translated)

Summary: Student and teacher. Man and... man. Taboo upon taboo is what Hikaru and Shima have to overcome if they want to pursue their feelings for one another. Uikaru, a second year high school student, is obsessed with Shima, a male teacher. Surprisingly, Shima is not averse to the boy's affections. He even convinces Hikaru to study hard so that when he graduates, they would openly become lovers. However, Amamiya, an ex-lover of Shima, steps into the picture and tries to win him back. Will Hikaru and Shima's passion prove great enough to hurdle all the obstacles stacked against them?

Review: Ahahaha these are like crack. -__- Why do reading these feel like reading Gay Pulp novels from the 60's? Same shit, I guess, different decade. Still, very fun to read. I still think that Only the Ring Finger Knows is best, but this was enjoyable in a perverse way. I'll get to reading the final volume, eventually.



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