the usagi incidents



Summary: Two years after the opening of Liquor, New Orleans chefs Rickey and G-man are immersed in the life of their restaurant, enjoying a loyal cast of diners, and cooking great booze-laced food. All’s well until a bad review in a local paper not-so-subtly hints that their “silent” backer, celebrity chef Lenny Duveteaux, has ulterior motives. When Lenny is accused of serious criminal activity by eccentric D.A. Placide Treat, Rickey and G-man realize it may be time to end their dependence on him. When Rickey is offered a plum consulting job at a Dallas restaurant, it seems the perfect way to beef up their bank account. But taking the gig will mean a reunion with Cooper Stark, the older chef with whom Rickey shared an unsettling cocaine-fueled encounter back in culinary school, as well as dealing with gung-ho Texas businessman/restaurateur Frank Firestone. At G-man’s urging, Rickey finally accepts the offer and revamps Firestone’s menu to rave reviews. Home in New Orleans, Rickey has just settled back into his daily kitchen routine when he receives disturbing information that forces his return to Dallas. As Placide Treat’s machinations grow ever more bizarre, G-man learns that there’s more to the story—and that Rickey is in Texas-size danger.

Review: The second in the Liquor series. Again, fabulous work on Brite's part, but I have some questions still. Why does Rickey always need saving? What the hell was Treat really trying to do concerning Lenny - I mean, aside from the backing of Oscar and the comped meal? According to Brite's LJ, the third novel, "Soul Kitchen" (working title), is still in the works and has "passed the 300-page mark" as of today. I hope she finishes it soon - I can't WAIT to read it. I also, eventually, need to get my hands on "The Value of X" - the prequel to all of this. @___@

Final Review: A

The Value of X (prequel)
Liquor (prequel)
Soul Kitchen (sequel)


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