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Rei Kai Bi Dan (Ostentatious Mysterious Handsome Man From the Neitherworld)

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[STORY 01] (English Title) Ostentatious Mysterious Handsome Man (from the Netherworld): Momoe hates to go home, so she spends her nights wandering the streets. But what happens when she meets a man named Chain Saw who's on a special mission!?
[STORY 02] Ancient Osaka Masquerade Ball - Naniwa Masquerade: Frustrated that her childhood friend Yuan won't look at her like a woman, Ai goes to a host club, and there she finds what she's been waiting for...!?
[STORY 03] This Love, by Anonymous: Shirazu Asuka is afraid that she'll be forced to become the lover of a man whose ideals are far from her own, so she runs away to Kyoto. There, she falls in love with Takuma, a high school student who's in Kyoto on a field trip.
[STORY 04] Like a Beautiful Hellish Demon: Naoka is beaten so badly by her stepfather that she loses consciousness and has to be taken to the hospital. There, she meets and falls in love with a hellish demon who feeds upons the souls of humans...

Review: There's no doubt the art in this volume is incredible (think Alichino-beautiful), but the stories are a bit lacking. I only really liked stories 1 and 3 - the rest kinda bored me. ;/ Then again, I like ancient history stuff like that. My question is - if it's a Japanese production, why do all the men have Chinese names?

Final Review: B-


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