the usagi incidents



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Summary: A poor peasant girl was sold to a brothel in Edo. Her new life started from the day when she had her first full-bowl of rice. After many struggles, she became a cultivated Oiran. While her beauty never failed, her hope for freedom faded with the passing seasons. Yoshiwara of Edo was a man's heaven, but a woman's hell: all was sakuran.

Review: I LOVE Anno's stuff. This is just awesome. I wish she'd made a series of this (so far, only one volume out). I'm also really interested in the mizu shoubai, and this worked really well for me. Everything was correct, there were no glaring and awful confusion between Oiran, Tayu, and Geisha. I hope that this does turn into a series. That would make me really happy. ;__;

Final Review: A


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