the usagi incidents


Sensitive Pornograph OAV

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Summary: (animenewsnetwork) Featuring two short stories, the first is about two manga writers/artists with a ten year age difference, Seiji Yamada and Sono Hanasaki and their intimate love life and problems. The second story is about the strange incidents that happen to pet-sitter Ueno when he goes to take care of a pet rabbit named Aki, who he finds out is actually a human man. This consists of two Short Stories. Two male Mangaka are getting to know, love and addicted to each other. And a petsitter is taking care of a rabbit - in human form. The rabbit then declines his original master and wants to be with the petsitter.

Review: I'm not usually for hardcore shounen-ai, but I have to admit the sex scenes were extremely well done and tasteful. :/ I have the manga lying around somewhere - I want to see how much this differs from it. I liked the first story better than the second, though.

Final Review: B+


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