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Shimotsuma Monogatari ("Kamikaze Girls") US sub Premiere: Los Angeles Film Festival, June 20 2005

Shimotsuma Monogatari/Kamikaze Girls
Distro by Viz Media, inc.
Los Angeles Film Festival 2005 Foreign Film entry
Los Angeles Film Festival 2005 @ Lemmle Theatre Sunset 5
Hollywood, California

Yes, I know I've already done a review of the movie itself, raw, but I felt a good critique of the pending US release was needed.

Went with Aki to the LA Film Festival showing of Shimotsuma Monogatari (being released here as "Kamikaze Girls", for some fucking reason or another) - located in Hollywood at the Lammle Sunset 5 on Sunset Blvd. I was the only one dressed in GL. As for the movie itself, it looked a bit like a rush subbing job (since there was only two months' time to get it out subbed after announcing licensing and entering the LAFF), puns weren't translated, and some stuff omitted due to fast speaking - in other words, kind of a beta release of the movie, but the translation itself was pretty good and got across what it needed to. Granted, some of the puns just couldn't translate over into english ("Atai no machine ga yofukuze/youfukuzee"), so there's not much to do about that. It needs to be reedited for some awkward meanings and connectors (and most likely will), but the best translation of the movie was when Ichigo was like "Nee-san, Douzo." which Viz made it something like, "My Lady, your chariot awaits." That was FUCKING PERFECT and it exactly captured the original meaning of what Ichigo was saying. Anyway they announced before showing the film that it was going into wider release (most likely the bigger cities - LA, SF, Chicago, NY) later this year - which confirms my beliefs that they're going to do some reedits, and actual better subtitles that don't fade into the background whenever there's white in the scene.

Regardless of the beta-testing of the LAFF filmgoers, Viz has won my trust with working with the movie. I hope it wins the LAFF foreign award. I really do.

Now I'm worried now on how they're going to be working with the book - they have plenty of time (February 2006 is the preliminary release date) and they will most definitely need it as it is one of the most difficult modern books out there at the moment. It's a hard book since Takemoto is so goddamn flowery with both language and grammar usage - not a bad thing, just difficult to translate competently. I hope to god they've gotten someone good to work on it. If they got the same guy who did the BR novel for them, that'll be fine. I'm definitely not worried about the manga - even I could translate that, now, and it's nicely adapted yet much simpler to read and understand. If they fuck up the book by just rush-jobbing it as they have with their general manga releases as of late, there will be hell to pay.

All in all, a wonderful day. I'm sad that I won't be here when it's finally released into theatres, but seeing it on the big screen was totally worth it.

Shimotsuma Monogatari (movie)
Shimotsuma Monogatari (manga)


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