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Shura to Otome

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Summary: [STORY 01] Hell's Warrior & the Maiden: This is Kayono's first serialized work. One day, a man named Shiryuu appears before Komomo, the daughter of the master of a Japanese-style dancing school. After insisting on becoming a disciple, Shiryuu begins living under the same roof as Komomo. Komomo then comes to be charmed by his beauty and kindness. But Shiryuu has a startling secret and a reason for wanting to romance Komomo quickly. What price will he pay for his interference?
[STORY 02] The Nude Tribe: "The Nude Tribe is a race of people who, so long as weather permits, spend their everyday indoor life in the complete and utter nude." Ami is an aspiring model who's commanded by her manager to join the La Tribe as a means of getting her to stop blushing at every photo shoot. The embarrassment and discomfort factors are minimal... until Ami forgets that she's naked and opens her front door to greet a handsome neighbor! But Ryuuichirou doesn't mind -- and for an unusual reason!!

Review: Kayono certainly loves doing smut. But at least it's tasteful. -__-; I was kinda sad that Shiryuu had to disappear at the end though. But she's carrying his kid. So...yeah. I demand a sequel!

Final Review: A-


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