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Sugar Sugar Rune 1

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Summary (from delrey's page): One night, two young witches named Chocolat and Vanilla come to the human world. Their mission: to be tested to determine who deserves to be the next queen of their magic world. The rules are simple: the more hearts a witch collects, the closer she gets to becoming queen! But how do they get these hearts? Well, when a boy has feelings for a witch, she can see his heart shining in various colors. Then with a few magic words, his heart is hers! Witches are able to collect many hearts from one boy, each for a different type of feeling. If a boy finds his heart, he won’t die… but he will lose that feeling. A witch, on the other hand, has only one heart to capture, and if she gives it to a human, she will die!

Review: I actually read this in the fall of last year when the first volume was released, and only now getting around to rereading all the volumes out so far. People claim that this is part of the mahou shoujo genre, but I'm not so sure. It's hard to really pidgeonhole Anno's works, and this story is just another example. It's a mix of kogal slang, magic, a little love, lots of humour, stylish art, and a great story - all of which is very rare for a shoujo manga - the genre usually limited to love stories. >_< I can't wait to buy volume 3, which just came out a week or something ago, since I'm now reading 2. Chocolat's my favourite so far - Vanilla is just too tame and I feel like smacking her everytime she's on the scene. Needless to say, I'm extremely excited about the anime starting on 7/2.

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