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Sugar Sugar Rune 2

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Summary: Chocolat almost has her heart taken by Pierre, who she really has come to like deeply! In shame and wonder at finding out that he's an Ogre through Duke the Frog, she goes back to the Witches' World to get more information, only to find out a horrible secret about her best friend Vanilla, the secret history of the Witches' World, and gets a new tool from Queen Candy herself that will give her an advantage in stealing hearts...

Review: Oh my. Well, now that we know Vanilla's an Ogre things are going to be different. Pierre approached her and everything. ~___~ But did she know herself that she's an Ogre? I've got so many questions yet to be answered. Also makes me wonder how they're going to be translating this into film for the anime premiering next month. It makes me sad to see Vanilla and Chocolat going into enemy mode, though, for the seat of Queen. :(


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