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Toraware no Minoue 1

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Summary: (from Toraware no Minoue is about a young man, Kuroshi Megumi, living with a curse handed down to him from generations. The curse began decades ago with the notorious thief called "Kuronekomaru" or the Black Cat, broke into the house of a very wealthy samurai family and stole a family scroll. When he opened up the scroll, the family's protector god rose out of the scroll and cursed Kuronekomaru and all his descendents to work in the Kougami household as servants, uncontrollably dedicated to members of the Kougami family. Now, generations later, and very quite suddenly, Megumi also finds himself unable to control this urge as well.

Review: It gets kind of confusing, but this story is good. Hino Matsuri's becoming another favourite mangaka. I hope they find some way to break that curse - that must be really humiliating, especially for men to be servants. ~__~ That and I want Suzuka and Megumi to get together.



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