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Toraware no Minoue 2

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Summary: Suzuka freaks out about kissing before marriage as it's against Chinese culture customs, Megumi asks her to marry him! Until Suzuka's formal fiance, Takatsukasa Hiryuu, comes to claim her for his own! A lot of suitors are sending her their pictures - what will Megumi do? Shibata, a blood relative to Suzuka working for Hiryuu, tells her he knows how to break the curse and whisks her away to Hiryuu's without telling Megumi or his father! Only on the condition of announcing marriage in public will Shibata tell Suzuka how to break the curse...

Review: Wow, rich people's servants are shifty. >_> Remind me not to get any if I ever get rich. So the solution is a kiss, eh? Ummm. Same-sex? Non-same-sex? What? I wish Hino had been more clear on this...But anyway, I've lost interest with all of this needless vagueness and therefore dropping the series.


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