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Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 10

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Summary: Fye and Kurogane go back to their old selves, Ashura and Yasha disappear. The gang return Sakura's feather, and go back to a new Sharanokoku and Yasha district - where no one knows who they are, and where both men and women are together once more. The girls take them to the shrine only to discover both Ashura and Yasha are worshipped together - and that their costumes from the previous country are also worshipped! Does this mean that they went back in time and changed the future? Both swords (the swords from X), come out of the statues and are given to Yuuko as payment for becoming gods. Reed's decendent continues to talk smack about the crew, and releases another servant to go after everyone - while Syaoran is confronted with his mini-me in his wake up in a new country where racing is the most popular sport and the grand prize is Sakura's feather! Tomoyo-hime pops up as Daidouji Tomoyo, head of the Piffle Princess company - seeing Sakura as her heroine to participate in the race...

Review: This is the Tomoyo we know and love from Cardcaptor Sakura. A LOT of crossovers in this book - the two Kamui X swords, Karen (X), Yuuko again, RG Veda (Ashura/Yasha, Ryuu-oh in yet ANOTHER guise), Mayuki-chan, Angelic Layer (Piffle Princess), CCS (Tomoyo).. come to think of it, everyone who's ever appeared in this series so far. jeez. Still, the sky racing chapters were pretty damn awesome and with the reappearance of all of these characters makes me wonder if the series will be coming to an end soon?


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