the usagi incidents


Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 11

[cover pending]

Summary: Still in Dragonfly Country, Sakura and company pass the preliminaries for the final Dragonfly race - whose prize is Sakura's feather! But someone was cheating and spread some kind of special sparkling dust which slowed down the other racers - who was it? Tomoyo and her company men (The Campus Detectives and Shougo) question everyone, but to no avail...

Review: Again, noticing how everyone who was in the other countries is coming on in. It really makes me wonder wtf will happen next. But Sakura was adorable in Tomoyo's new Piffle Princess Company suits and everything. That's the one good thing about CCS - the costumes! So now we're going on hold for the volumes for awhile and going onto the chapters instead since I'm all caught up now.


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