the usagi incidents


Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 81

Summary: The Dragonfly Finals race continues! Everyone passes the first checkpoint and grabs their badges - the first challenge is over. But the badges that were dispersing by air are now continuing to fall - without Sakura getting one? What the hell is going on here? Regardless, Tomoyo continues the race even while keeping an eye on things. There's dirty pool afoot with the dispersement of the badges - with Sakura managing to get the last badge until it falls!

Review: Someone's preventing Sakura from getting a badge and getting ahead in the race. Hmmm. Probably the person who went on Clow's relative's orders? I'm putting my money on Seichirou, who ran away with the feather from Outo/Edoniskoku. Still standing by my previous statement that these dragonfly races are taking too fucking long.


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