the usagi incidents


Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 9

Summary: The gang are transported seperately to the Castle of the Moon - where the real Ashura and Yasha are there fighting an endless war! Ashura takes in Sakura and Syaoran, letting them help fight only to discover that Kurogane and Fai are on Yasha's side - and their eyes have turned black with enslavement! What can this mean? And Ashura's in communication with Yuuko to help the gang succeed with Sakura's feathers? Also the guys in the background, Reed's descendent Fuewan and the girl talk about what's been going on - how they've been trying to foil things yet gain Sakura's mysterious power. We finally find out what's in the floating egg - a mini-Syaoran with an eyepatch - who can control Syaoran's body from there?! And how somehow Yuuko and Clow Reed are one in the same? And all Ashura and Yasha want are each other...

Review: I think it's cool the way they redid Ashura and Yasha and made them male and female. That was pretty awesome. I want to see what the hell happens with the Syaoran mini-me though. #OUSFOI:SJDFLKSDF. The thought of that blew my mind.


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