the usagi incidents


Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles 82

Summary: The race continues to the second checkpoint, the DragonTube - Fye gets disqualified, and Oujirou makes fun of him! Sakura is in 15th place, and at least she got her badge. There are 15 people left - who will win the final race? Will Sakura finally be able to catch one of her own feathers?

Review: WRYYYYYY. WRY MUST WE HAVE YET ANOTHER RACE CHAPTER. [bashes head against wall] I love CLAMP and I love Tsubasa, but this is fucking stupid. The race better end next chapter. T___T That DragonTube made me dizzy though, just from looking at the illustrations for it. @__@ It looked like something from Raging Waters or Six Flags.


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